Gifts from the Vaults vol. 4: A little help from my friends…

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared some music of my own, so here’s “Walk That Line,” that dates back about a year and half (the beat is about 2 years old) that I produced for Top Shelf, a group reppin’ Bend, Oregon.

This beat came at the tail end of a time of pretty tremendous confusion regarding my music career. I’d faced a number of significant failures (but of course time reduces the magnitude of most things) and was pretty soured to the idea of making anymore beats.

And I stopped for maybe a few months before I realized that I just had to keep making beats–I don’t want to put it in overused terms of “I simply couldn’t keep them inside of me,” but I gravitated back towards production because I felt a tremendous void in my life, one that hasn’t existed since around the time of this beat. Every now and then I’ll go on a brief hiatus to regather my thoughts and creative energies, but I’ve yet to have another time in which I thought I had to hang up the proverbial gloves and find a new pastime. So here’s “Walk That Line,” the sound of breaking out of a slump.

DOWNLOAD: “Walk That Line” by Top Shelf

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