Permission to be Candid–Granted

Well not full disclosure let’s weep by the fire and drink red wine candid, that’s a little too much and it’s late and I don’t have time. I was listening to music to sample and I was flipping through some Labelle tracks (I default to soul when I’m running out of ideas, most of it is so wonderful already that you can basically just loop it but that’s pretty lazy so I try to avoid doing it these days) and I stumbled upon an old favorite, “Are You Lonely.” We won’t get too deep into stories right now, but back in summer 2006 I and a few other friends cooked this up into a nice little beat that’s still sitting on my hard drive. I handled the drums, my boy handled the chop, and my other boy crafted the chorus. It was a good time. I think we went swimming afterwards.

So maybe I’ll unearth that one of these days. Either way enjoy some very dope, sassy 70’s soul from Labelle.

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