Had this style ever since I was a child

I am currently writing a musical narrative of my life–you’ll understand soon–that I’ll be posting up in little bits and pieces as the days roll on. Until then, this album:

And this song:

Well they were very important. There are lots of divergent opinions floating around about DOOM. Even his fans seem to hate him somedays. Me, I got nothin but love, though I certainly can understand and empathize with the critics. Regardless of all that noise, “Dead Bent” was the jam and one of a handful of songs on Operation: Doomsday that played a highly influential part in the development of my early production style (ie I stole a lot of shit from DOOM).

Note: The album version of “Dead Bent” was the one I heard first and thus the one that has always stuck with me, but the original 12″ version is a bit more raw. Some prefer it. I’ll rock with either on any given day. Peep the original below.

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One Response to Had this style ever since I was a child

  1. yess!!! i feel the same way about this album

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