Soliloquies of Chaos: Fire by Trife da God ft. Ghostface

Soliloquies of Chaos takes a look at some of my favorite verses and my reasons for loving them. Pretty simple. Enjoy!

It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you without an edition of Soliloquies of Chaos to step to. Or something like that.

So I’m a sucker for songs and verses with themes. I think my love of bad puns fostered my respect for rappers like GZA who make songs like “Labels” and “Animal Planet” that adhere so closely to a verbal theme that they border on absurdity (but are also, simultaneously, really dope).

If you don't know about the Ghostface doll, you've been missing out.

Ghostface delivers one such verse on Trife da God’s “Fire.” Though it’s certainly not the best Ghost verse, it displays his creativity in presenting otherwise rote gun talk. The flow’s smooth and the images paint a mesmerizing and detailed portrait of violence and confidence. From his heaters to his cigars to his drank, Ghost commits himself fully to the theme and it pays off in an entertaining verse that elevates an otherwise decent song to more memorable heights (it helps that the beat is pretty hot).

Check “Fire” by Trife da God ft. Ghostface and Ghostface’s verse after the break (and as a theme song bonus, check out GZA’s “Labels” and “Animal Planet” as well).

Peep the barcode, leave the booth blacker than charcoal
Sippin’ on firewater, plus I keep a cigar rolled
The human torch, special effects, cannons is shootin’ off
Leave body bags full of ashes when they remove the corpse
Spit flammable bars, I got a whooping cough
Scarlet red, six forty five, with the dual exhaust
My barrel blow like Gaza, pop one in your visor
And cause a meltdown at One Police Plaza
I’m the opposite of agua, hotter than a plate of pasta
I’m the reason Lamar Odom was traded off the roster
The hot stepper, crushing you niggaz like hot pepper
The forty cal’ squeeze a nigga, my heaters apply pressure
In the kitchen with the gun steaming, six hundred degrees
Feeling like you in the desert with the sun beaming
You can’t block me with the sun screening
Ultra violet rays, shorten his days, and left his blood streamin

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