Wu Tang is for the children…

They teach the children alternative history! RZA Washington!

This is RZA’s Victory or Death project. I don’t know anything about this and I’m not sure I want to.

See the glorious minute details contained within the picture after the break…

Quoted from GRANDGOOD:

“[Interviewer]: Victory Or Death is, of course, modeled on the iconic Washington Crossing The Delaware. What is it about that particular image that resonated with you so much? Was it more of a direct correlation to Washington himself, or was it more of what that crossing meant? Or both?

[RZA]: George Washington was the first American president, started the American Revolution, tried to bring freedom and justice to his nation of people and bring out their philosophy and their ideas with the Declaration of Independence and all these things. Same with Wu-Tang, we were bringing out the ideas of hip-hop, the ideas of freedom of expression. At the time, hip-hop was very glossy. I felt the true hip-hop emcees weren’t making it. I also felt that hip-hop wasn’t being represented even by the other [hardcore] artists, even though I got much respect for the other artists: Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, all of them. But the producers that were producing hip-hop weren’t emcees, they weren’t breakdancers, they weren’t graffiti writers. They didn’t have all these hip-hop elements combined into one being. That’s what I am. I was a graffiti writer, a deejay, a breakdancer, as well as an emcee. I took all those elements and I became a producer, a new form of hip-hop; taking the beat machines and all that. So I see me being the same kind of pioneer as George Washington, causing a revolution in the game. Shaolin is a place that, according to history, had all this knowledge of martial arts contained within itself, and it kept itself apart from the regular world. So it never got bothered by who conquered China. But after a while, the knowledge that Shaolin possessed, the regular world needed it. People would come to Shaolin and learn their secrets and learn their training. It was the one abbot who decided to let these students in, and to teach them his secret knowledge, so the knowledge would spread. He realized that even though Shaolin wasn’t part of the war, eventually it would become part of the war, because when evil is all around you, it doesn’t stop. It’s gonna come and get you. If the wolves are all around you and you’re the last thing surviving, the wolves must now come and attack you. So this abbot was wise. That’s why in Wu-Tang Forever you hear that sample, “We must get more students so the knowledge can expand.” That’s from the movie Shaolin Temple where the abbot made the decision: let the new students in. Let the people into our world so we can teach them and they can spread it out. That’s what Wu-Tang Forever was. It was us letting the world into our minds and our world and spreading out the Wu-Tang culture all over the world.”

Spotted at GRANDGOOD where you can read the whole interview about Victory or Death find if you really want your head to explode.

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One Response to Wu Tang is for the children…

  1. Kind of funny if you ask me. And I’ll cop it.

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