The Fall

Photos from The Fall – Tarsem, 2006. True visual rapture. Tarsem’s labor of love The Fall is a dark modern fairy tale with an almost unparalleled beauty and style. Though the director’s storytelling is a bit uneven (the story itself suffers from a seeming lack of direction at times), Tarsem’s flair for the visually spectacular is undeniable. Stills from this film don’t really do justice to the depth of the director’s imagination and, to take a word from the old country, chutzpah. Making something like The Fall takes not only tremendous love and care but also a steadfast commitment to a singular vision. For the most part Tarsem succeeds and the scenes depicting the mythical characters in film are as vibrant and enthralling as it gets. The Fall is by no means a perfect film, but it is a fascinating viewing experience that puts on full display Tarsem’s remarkable mind and instincts.

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