Got the eastern bloc on lock

Not the east side, not your block, motherfuckin Macedonia that’s what I’m talkin bout–the Eastern bloc.

Blog stats are funny. The numbers are meaningless, but every now and then you get an interesting little glimpse into your readership. WordPress supplies bloggers with both a list of sites that directed people to your blog and search terms that landed internet nomads on your little corner of the interweb. Browsing through the latter today, I caught a URL that included the word “translator.” Always curious to see who could possibly be reading YML in the international community, I clicked the link and got this:

I have no idea what language this is, but from what little I know about Eastern European languages it would appear to be from somewhere between Germany and Russia. I could be wrong, if you know let me know. Either way, it’s always fun to know that somewhere, for some reason, someone wanted to know about the Nas Syndrome (the topic of the search). Maybe it’s time for a new installment?

Oh also, speaking of eastern blocs, here’s a picture of Stalin! Haven’t had one in months!

Nice pipe, Uncle Joe.

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