Oscars: Behind the Numbers

Interesting little graphic created by Business Pundit breaking down some Academy Award-related statistics.

I think the most interesting statistic of the bunch might be the average cost of a campaign to convince the academy to back a film. With 10 best picture nominees, more studios will be shelling out cash to the Academy to get their prestige pictures noticed (and, likely, smaller studios that are essentially dedicated to putting out Oscar bait–Paramount Vantage, Focus Features, Sony Picture Classics–will be shelling out more cash than ever before on behalf of their Oscar-hopefuls). I wonder if, all told, this expenditure is even worth it. Traditionally, Best Picture nominees and winners are subject to a small increase in revenue following the announcement of nominations and, of course, the ceremony itself. Does this small bump warrant the money spent on campaigning for films like An Education and A Serious Man which were not tremendous box office draws (a fact offset by their relatively cheap production costs) and are unlikely to walk away with the Best Picture oscar?

As many a screenwriting teacher has suggested regarding scenes, I’m ending this one on a question…and I also don’t have an answer for you. Speculate away!

Spotted at /Film.

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