We Are the World…some thoughts

1. Auto-tune…why?

2. This “rap choir”…why?…that was some real surreal shit, at least make them appear sincere in the video

3. Ray Charles impression…why?

4. All in all it’s for a good cause…and not just an opportunity for some of these “stars” to get their faces out there or back out there.

5. People are shutting down websites because of this?…daaaaaaaaaaaaamn son.

6. Collectively they all could probably provide enough to rebuild Haiti…just saying

maybe viral media and all that stuff has sort of left me jaded but I feel like this wasn’t necessary and of course we all have our qualms with things but something about this won’t let me get 100% behind it, and by it I mean this new “we are the world” campaign. Give what you can if you can or if you want to but do it the right way: do your research, find notable organizations or charities that you can give to in order to make sure your money isn’t moving through unnecessary third parties.

that is all.


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One Response to We Are the World…some thoughts

  1. Maybe my favorite detail of this whole “We Are the World” debacle is the inclusion of Nipsey Hussle, a puzzling choice as evidenced by the fact that he simply stands in the background during the entire rap segment and does not approach a mic or open his mouth once. Why he was chosen is beyond me. Baffling, but not quite as baffling as the existence of this atrocity.

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