Gifts from the Vaults vol. 3: Ah, Youth…

I promise posting at You Must Learn will resume in semi-full force soon. If you hate, I’ll be providing more fuel for hatred. If you love, there will be more to love. If you’re indifferent, I’ll do my best to swing you one way or the other. But now for some music.

Long before I dreamt of having my own blog, I was a starry eyed lad with designs on becoming the next Rick Rubin (or, at very least, Scott Storch).

Time will tell if I’ll become the next great Jewish Hip Hop producer. For now, here’s an artifact from my earlier days. This was one of the first beats of mine that was ever accompanied by actual rapping, courtesy of New York emcees Amen and the Master. Not really sure what they’re up to these days, but I know they did some shit with Reef the Lost Cauze back in 2004/2005 (which is when this track was made).

It’s always amusing to go back and listen to old tracks. The drums on this beat are waaaaaaay too loud, but at the time all I wanted were hard, loud drums. So yeah forgive me; I was raised on Primo beats and didn’t really know what “mixing” was 6 years ago. Still I think this one holds up decently. I’ve always loved this sample and I remember I labored for days trying to get it just right. Enjoy “Flawless Victory” and look out for some new music coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: “Flawless Victory” ft. Amen and the Master

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One Response to Gifts from the Vaults vol. 3: Ah, Youth…

  1. Brooks says:

    oooooooooooo i remember this jawnski

    you should throw up all of the old crime and punishment shit

    these new jacks gotta learn about that banana phone crack

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