Always Doin Thangs

If this cover doesn’t look familiar, you need to step your Pen and Pixel knowledge up. Big Bear’s Doin Thangs is the Holy Grail of Pen and Pixel covers, a colorful photo shop miracle that, in the tradition of the legendary company, goes for a very literal interpretation of the name of both album and artist. The large bears notify viewers that this is the place to find Big Bear, or perhaps even a few big bears. The champagne on ice, cigars, colorful robes, and a copious supply of berries reflects that Big Bear is indeed “Doin Thangs.”

I could go on. This one’s an easy target. As such, it would be easy to assume that Doin Thangs was a pretty shitty album. Truth be told, it’s a pleasantly surprising slice of G-Funk influenced Midwestern Hip Hop (Big Bear is the only rapper I can call to mind who reps Nebraska). Big Bear’s a decent rapper using Tupac’s flow and cadence to deliver generic Thug Life lyrics (without Pac’s enthusiasm). Nothing classic, but there are a few nice standouts. Enjoy “No Lies” and “Player Hatas” and keep on doin thangs (and click the links to download).

“No Lies” by Big Bear

“Player Hatas” by Big Bear

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