Updates and Gifts from the Vaults vol. 1

Welcome me back. I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus for no reason other than a lack of internet and a need for sleep. Fear not, plenty of long form writing covering a variety of subjects in which you never knew you were interested lies on the horizon.

I’ve mostly been laying low because big changes are on the horizon. New content. Interviews. A big redesign. Craziness. No one is ready, least of all me.

For now I’m here with some little gifts from the digital vaults. Last night I spent several hours digging through old hard drives. I found old beats and old recordings from the last few years that I’ll be liberating over the next few weeks and months.

The first of these is a track from emcee EMS the Gawd. I didn’t make this beat but I’ve always loved this track from top to bottom. A friend sent me this circa 2004. I can’t find any information on this guy anywhere, but I remember EMS being from upstate NY (Albany, I believe). Reminds me of some Reef the Lost Cauze/Demigods style rap with a twist of Immortal Technique’s political leanings. Pretty dope shit. I think the beat is by a dude named Tommy Wong, also from upstate NY. If anyone has any info on EMS or anymore tracks, let a playa know. Here’s “Strange Fruit” by EMS the Gawd. Stay tuned for my Gifts from the Vaults.

DOWNLOAD: “Strange Fruit” by EMS the Gawd

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