Entrapment by partyboobytrap

I’ve posted about my boys partyboobytrap before, but now I come to you with the culmination of months of hard work, their second LP: Entrapment.

I’m really digging this album. Sometimes as a friend you feel obligated to love your friends’ music. But I’m genuinely enjoying this Entrapment. The production is very much in my wheelhouse, very dense, melodic stuff. Reminiscent of Aesop Rock’s production on Felt 3, but a little lighter on the industrial/El-P noises. Haunting and diverse. Easily the most mature and polished rapping from the boys as well. This really takes me back to stuff I listened to circa 2003, when the indie scene had crested and Def Jux was riding high as the vanguard of forward thinking Hip Hop (this is, of course, a topic that I really wish would be explored in a documentary–the indie scene between 1995-2004, Project Blowed, Rawkus, Def Jux, the rise and fall, the major players, it’s a fascinating and fragmented story but one that could likely be assembled by the blogging community).

Times have changed, my tastes have changed, but music like this still hits a certain spot in both my brain and heart. I highly recommend it if any of the above sounds intriguing.

Peep one of my favorite tracks, “Apple 3.14” ft. Nobs, and a link for the download after the break.

DOWNLOAD: Entrapment by partyboobytrap

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