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Always Doin Thangs

If this cover doesn’t look familiar, you need to step your Pen and Pixel knowledge up. Big Bear’s Doin Thangs is the Holy Grail of Pen and Pixel covers, a colorful photo shop miracle that, in the tradition of the … Continue reading

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Listen, we can debate who the truth is like Jews and Christians (© Jay Elechanukkah), but most heads can agree that Outkast have always been ahead of their time–or at very least, at the top of their class. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Someone’s gonna eat your food…

Right before he dove off the deep end into the greatest multi-part melodrama in the history of, perhaps, recorded time, R. Kelly struck just the right balance between generic R n’ B lyrics and and very specific paranoia. “A Woman’s … Continue reading

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Because Digital Isn’t Always Better

Every now and then I like doing weird things like buying CDs and DVDs. Cases are cool. Especially when they’re well considered. Pretty cool work here from design group Hubero Kororo for an album by Andrea Neumann and Ivan Palacky. … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Wafeek

It just didn’t feel right to call this one an interview after rapper Wafeek and I wrapped up our nearly 2 hour talk. Hailing from St. Louis and residing in California, Wafeek is a thoughtful, energetic rapper who’s as comfortable … Continue reading

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Or maybe…

…I’m just searching for ways to justify my tastes. So that I don’t have to feel like a “fake” Hip Hop head when I listen to Rich Boy. Ponder that while you gaze into the glory of lego Stankonia, the … Continue reading

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On Rich Boy and the Voice as an Instrument, Part 1

The arrival of this piece was prophesied long ago, in the bygone days of November 2009. Enjoy Part I of the Rich Boy Manifesto. If you’ve spent any time reading YML over the last few months, it should be evident … Continue reading

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