North by Northwest

Photos from North by Northwest – Alfred Hitchcock, 1959. I have spilt many words (3054 to be exact) in the last few days on this movie. None of them can do justice to just how entertaining it is. Perhaps it isn’t Hitchcock’s “best” film–he’s not my favorite director, but Psycho, Notorious, and Rear Window are fairly undeniable classics–but it is probably his most enjoyable. Its chase sequences are breathtaking, iconic, and absurd. Its villains are sinister and, in vintage Hitchcock form, completely ambiguous. Its hero is a true cinematic OG–the always entertaining Cary Grant. Its 2 hour run time flies by with remarkably little lag. It’s funny and completely ridiculous at times, displaying a sense of humor that is difficult to imagine in later Hitchcock films (The Birds is hilarious, but I’m not so sure it was intended to be). A classic that still holds up.


Gotcho ass, Alfred!

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