Paint the Town RUNE

It’s fun to have talented friends.

I met my boy RUNE almost 3 years ago and his beats have been gracing my iPod ever since. Think Flying Lotus minus the Parisian Goldfish plus a healthy helping of New York claustrophobia and murky jazz loops.

Nascence, a collection of RUNE’s beats and remixes that covers 2007-2008, has been sitting on my hard drive for about a year and a half, criminally collecting digital dust and not being heard.

It is time for liberation.

Here’s a teaser, in the event that my words don’t convince you, in which case: what’s your deal? Just trust me.

And if more convincing is necessary…

Download: Nascence by RUNE

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3 Responses to Paint the Town RUNE

  1. virtch says:

    kicks knock.
    so so fwesh, damn.
    the Milli remix… almost makes me dig wayne (not hating, personal taste).
    wow, says a lot.
    download now.

  2. Bakes says:

    So hot. Jesus, this guy rules.

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