Rap Rock, Done Right Pt. III

The saga continues…

For your viewing pleasure, the requisite picture of Wayne and his guitar gently weeping.

Back with a fresh batch of the most inspired blends of rap and rock this side of Rev Run’s house.

This post was inspired by the lead track from the Clipse’s new album, “Freedom.”

It’s not the most inventive interpolation of guitars ever pressed to CD’s or MP3’s, but it definitely does what some of the best rap-rock concoctions do: create an evocative background for rappers to spill their souls over. Of course, whether Pusha and Malice actually take advantage of such a soaring, emotional backdrop is entirely up to you.

El-P’s always been good at infusing his beats with the requisite amount of guitar madness to send them into the emotional stratosphere. As a fan of the claustrophobia and aggression of the Bomb Squad, El’s beats have appealed to me since I was introduced to him via Company Flow’s first album (an influential if strangely outdated album, a discussion for another post). Speaking of the Bomb Squad…

It appears that this post has morphed away from simple rap-rock into the territory of Hip Hop that uses rock samples. Without getting into too much depth or discussing the ideological basis for some of PE’s sampling, suffice it say that no group has ever mixed rock and Hip Hop with more flair or creativity than Public Enemy. You can argue against that, but you’d be hard pressed to find examples in your favor. No one matches their intensity.

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