Play With Fire

As a beatmaker and heavy sampler, it’s always fun to hear original samples and how producers choose to use them (particularly if a lot has been changed from the original). From time to time I’m going to present some of my favorite samples and the songs that have used them. Today’s song is “Play With Fire” by the Rolling Stones.

Play With Fire – The Rolling Stones

On 2003’s Megadef, Styles of Beyond used “Play With Fire” for “Playin With Fire” ft. Apathy and Celph Titled. There’s not much to say here. The production, by the Flavor Crystals, makes pretty straightforward use of the original with dope results.

Playin With Fire – Styles of Beyond

Here’s where things get complicated. In 2005, Ghostface and his apprentice Trife da God put out a dope but little remembered album/mixtape called Put It On the Line. Featured on Line was the incredibly dope “Fire,” which sampled Ruth Copeland’s version of “Play With Fire,” which makes it a sample of a cover of a Rolling Stones song. Is that meta? Is it anything? Does it matter? No, because it’s dope (I prefer the Copeland cover to the Stones original, so as a result I prefer “Fire” to “Playin With Fire,” but I also think Ghost rips this track apart in a fashion that likely warrants a future Soliloquies of Chaos post).

Play With Fire – Ruth Copeland

Fire – Ghostface Killah & Trife Da God

And then there’s Lil Wayne. Enlisting the help of soul legend Betty Wright, Wayne’s “Playing With Fire” features an interpolation and slight reworking of the Stones’ song. Of course, many may not know about this because Wayne was sued and forced to remove the song from Tha Carter III. It’s pretty dope, but I think Betty Wright’s performance and the changing of the lyrics cannot match the quiet power of the original Stones version or the soulful spite of Copeland’s rendition.

Playin With Fire – Lil Wayne ft. Betty Wright

And, to supplement all of this, enjoy a little fire themed mixtape. Music from a variety of genres, the above songs included. Enjoy

YML Presents Playin With Fire

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