Classic Rap Video Round Up

Some favorites, some overlooked gems, some time wasters for your Sunday evening. Hype Williams sold separately.

Sorry homeboy.

“Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka” by the Fab 5 aka Heltah Skeltah and OGC. Classic like Roman architecture and Socrates. Or is that classical? Oh it is! Well this shit is classic and classical.

“The Influence” by Jurassic 5. Not sure any song or video better encapsulates J5’s essence. It’s not the best thing they ever put out, but it captures the fun, whimsy, and block-party-on-a-summer-afternoon-or-any-day-because-California-is-always-sunny-because-it’s-not-a-real-place aesthetic.

“Born to Roll (Jeep Ass Nigguh Remix)” by Masta Ace. Nothing says early 90s classic like cars, canted angles, and rapping in front of a bunch of anonymous posse members. Don’t play when it come to my bass.

“Remember We” by the Bush Babees. The Bush Babees are a forgotten group cut from the cloth of Tribe, but they were better rappers. Pretty sure this is the Salaam Remi remix. Bumps regardless. A better look at New York than the video for “Empire State of Mind.”

“Mic Check” – Aceyalone. Second only to having footage of Ace and the Project Blowedians at the Good Life. But yeah, I don’t have that. Cop the documentary.

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