When the Internets Attacks!


Y hallo thar! Welcome to the internets!

Recently the interweb broke out of its series of tubes and began attacking Spain. Time will tell if we can fight off the inevitable invasion. Keep your guns close and your books closer, the war between mankind and the internets is soon upon us!!!


Run, bitch, run!

Okay maybe not. These are photos of the Urban Cursor Project , which I can only imagine came about as an attempt to try and out-crazy the nonsensical bastards building mile high towers in Dubai. Danish designer Sebastian Campion described the Urban Cursor as “designed to facilitate social interaction and play in public space.” This must be code for “lull humans into a false sense of security so that they can be sucked into the internets where their organs and bodily energy will be harvested to power our metropolis.” I’m paranoid. I can’t help it.

More pictures of our imminent destruction after the break.




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One Response to When the Internets Attacks!

  1. Mr. Mozzarella says:

    so… if this pokes on a hot girl… will it disrobe her? like a pornsite? considering, of course, that everyone in the area is over 18 yrs old (or atleast has clicked “yes, im over 18” button)

    this isnt the apocolypse… this is divine intervention đŸ™‚

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