We Just Dumbin It Out, But Ain’t Nothin Stupid

Can I be real with you for a minute? Can I be really real?

I like Jedi Mind Tricks.


SHH! It’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone. (But seriously, tell everyone, I need more readers)

The beats are a fairly obvious place to begin. Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind kills it with every production, providing that unique cinematic bump that indie producers have attempted to emulate since JMT’s heyday (99-04 let’s say? they still rocked a crowd at Rock the Bells in 07, but by then their formula was largely decided and I’m not sure their fan base was growing much). Stoupe’s dope.

And then there are the rhymes. Oh Vinnie Paz, your mingling of misogyny with thugged out threats, paranoid socio-political psychobabble, and references to obscure religious texts and figures never ceases to warm my heart. People said 2Pac was a man of contradictions. Those people never listened to Vinnie Paz.

My boy Alex once summed up why Paz and JMT are so dope: “His voice is just so gutter.” JMT’s music provides that unique hardcore fury that you just need sometimes, when Rage Against the Machine is a little too loud and aggressive but Onyx isn’t providing enough esoteric religious imagery.


Enjoy “Gutta Music” ft. Reef the Lost Cauze and Chief Kamachi after the break.

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