Since we’ve been jamming with Pharoahe Monch and Lord Have Mercy the past few days, I figured I’d hit you with a little download of an impossible to find 12″. This is Rah Digga’s “Imperial” ft. Busta Rhymes b/w “Tight (Remix)” ft. Pharoahe Monch and Lord Have Mercy.


Everyone wigs out on that “Tight” remix. Especially Pharoahe. But especially Rah Digga. But especially Lord Have Mercy. Esepecially Lisa, but especially Bart.

Monch displays his love for the possibilities of the English language. Rah Digga says something about scaring you like stigmata, and being tighter than the sweats on Richard Simmons, and I think something about Coco Chanel. Lord Have Mercy compares himself to Clint Eastwood and Stone Cold Steve Austin and would appear in his opening lines to own a lasso/be a cowboy of some sort (he says “Shanghai swingin my lasso,” and I doubt this is a reference to Shanghai Noon but you never know…I hope it is). Or something. This song is insane. And dope. Just download it. Enjoy.

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