I’ll write a lot more about Rich Boy when I have time. He’s fascinating. His voice is an instrument. He’s vicious. He’s backed by the secret best producer in the game right now (yeah Polow da Don, I’ve got an essay for that one too). He’s getting better. And “Drop” is the dopest single you didn’t hear last year.


If “A Milli” had been slammed into Timbaland’s early 2000s fetish for Middle Eastern music, it would probably sound like “Drop.” Play this in speakers with good bass. It slams disrespectfully. It bumps and burns and will destroy your speakers.

There have been plenty of bad “A Milli” knock offs since the original dropped. Most of them are Bangladesh’s damn fault (STOP USING THAT FORMULA). This is not one of them. “Drop” is category 5 disaster music.

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