Lost in the Sauce

It’s been two years since I first saw this video. I’m not sure how I was introduced to it, but suffice it to say (in the days before “Unforgivable”) this was the video that made me believe in Youtube’s ability to devour endless hours.

Crunchy Black, formerly of 3 6 Mafia, simply stands in front of a camera for 11 minutes. He talks. He flashes guns. He potentially endangers a child (watch closely, in the background, when the guns are drawn). He hates on fake ballers. He dispenses countless words of wisdom (in the second video, pay attention when he tells you you’re lost in the sauce, because what you’re about to hear for the next two minutes is invaluable life information).

Crunchy Black taught me everything I know, please give him your time and I promise you’ll learn something. After all, is learning not the very heart and soul of this blog?

Crunchy Black confirms: it is.

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