Just had to reiterate…

…that DOOM says “I’d like to start out by thanking our sponsor for financing the parts for this Frankenstein monster” in the second track played by J. Rocc in the clip posted yesterday.

And that’s why I love DOOM.


Is he the most complex superscientifical rapper? No. Is he the best wordsmith? No. Is he consistently inventive and transmitting from a frequency no one else has access to? Absolutely.

And that’s why I love DOOM.

Here’s a little Friday evening music, you’ve earned it.

DOOM’s “Gazillion Ear”

Some new stuff from Beanie Sigel and Mike Posner after the break.

Beanie Sigel’s hotly received Jay-Z diss, “What You Talkin Bout (Average Cats)”

I could definitely write an essay on this, but there’s enough commentary going around the net that I won’t throw my two cents in. It’s a damn shame to hear this, because it sounds more like painful soul bearing than flat out dissing (except for that dig at Memphis Bleek. That’s just a diss.).

Mike Posner’s “I Don’t Trust Myself.”

Got put onto this last night in between writing a paper and fucking around. Diggin it. Posner’s new mixtape can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

One Foot Out the Door Cover

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