Soliloquies of Chaos: Defective Trip (Trippin) by the Gravediggaz

Soliloquies of Chaos takes a look at some of my favorite verses of all time and my reasons for loving them. Pretty simple. Enjoy!

How about some horrorcore from the original horrorcore supergroup?


There isn’t really a stand out verse on “Defective Trip (Trippin)” (though Too Poetic’s verse–the second in the song–is as psychotic and strange as anything ODB ever laid down, truly bizarre), but each verse enhances the paranoid atmosphere. RZA’s scatterbrained free associative lines can hardly be deemed technically masterful rap, but they’re certainly entertaining as all hell. A little frightening substance inspired music for the days before Halloween.

Check out “Defective Trip (Trippin)” after the break.

NOTE: I am not including the lyrics with this week’s edition of Soliloquies of Chaos for a number of reasons. First of all, there isn’t a reliable transcription online and RZA’s verse is almost untranscribable. Two, “Defective Trip” is ineffectual in written form in a way few other rap songs are. With most songs, one can at least get a sense of the rhythm and flow of the verses. No logical connection exists between the words you’d read and the finished product that is “Defective Trip.” So listen to it, enjoy it, and don’t really worry too much about the words–it’s not exactly a poetic masterpiece.

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