Rosemary’s Baby











Photos from Rosemary’s Baby – Roman Polanski, 1968. Write up taken from something I posted at CreateBuildDestroy: “I saw Rosemary’s Baby for the first time last week. Terrifying. Further proof that nothing scares a man like a pregnant woman. Throw it on your netflix, your bittorrent, or however you get movies, and be amazed at how a nice Jewish couple, pregnancy, and New York in the 1960s can be scarier than two men being forced to saw through their ankles. No, I would not like to play a game.” And I cannot emphasize enough that bit about New York in the 60s. The Dakota–the site of the majority of the film–is decrepit and often frightening on its very own. Rosemary’s Baby is a bit sluggish at times, but it makes up for it (in Hitchcockian fashion) with a suffocating portrait of a woman’s descent into madness.

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