Detroit Revisited

Sometimes my brain don’t work so good. Lack of sleep. So forgetful.

How could I discuss Detroit Hip Hop without bringing up one of my favorite groups??

Binary Star.


OK, so I’m aware that Binary Star is actually from Pontiac, Michigan and not Detroit. D-Block is from Yonkers, they’re still considered New York Hip Hop. Binary Star represented in their work and esthetic the same jazzy beats and complex lyricism exemplified in the best work coming out of Detroit. If their sound is not necessarily the sound of Detroit, perhaps it is then the sound of Michigan Hip Hop in general: a soulful mix of wisdom, punchlines, and grit.

And with that last track, please allow me to segue into the One Be Lo portion of the program, in which Binary Star breaks up but it’s OK because One Be Lo sticks around to release dope material (Senim Silla also released a solo album, but it was very forgettable).


So yeah, One Be Lo. He’s dope.

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