So Juelz Santana and a white rapper from Alabama walk into a bar…

For a more detailed take on Yelawolf, check out my recent article “On Limitations, Yelawolf, and Idiosyncrasies.

Not quite sure how I missed this. Two of my favorite flavors in one package: Dipset and Country Rap. I can’t say Juelz is any better than he was 5 years ago at the height of Dipsetmania, but he’s still entertaining in that Cam’s kid brother flow kind of way. Yelawolf is only on the chorus, but he’s a rapper to watch. The Alabama emcee definitely brings the heat. He’s sort of like a lean Bubba Sparxxx, if Bubba Sparxxx had a nastier attitude.


Oh, AND Yelawolf’s cosigned by Raekwon.

I think “I Wish” bumps way harder than “Mixin up the Medicine,” but then again I do love me some Raekwon. Wu Tang’s in ‘Bama, bitch!

BONUS: Speaking of Alabama….

I have a soft spot for Rich Boy. I’ll explain it in an essay later. Maybe. For now, do you really need to ask questions? “Boy Looka Here” deserves to be blasted from the loudest speakers in the biggest stadiums in America. Polow da Don’s beat bumps something wicked, and Rich Boy just sounds so damn contemptuous. Don’t worry what Rich Boy’s saying. I can’t understand him half the time anyway. Just listen to that damn beat.

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