The White Ribbon






Photos from The White Ribbon (Das Weiße Band) – Michael Haneke, 2009. Saw this at the 36th Annual Telluride Film Festival. A breathtaking, devastating masterpiece of a film. Riveting and beautiful, its simple story of mischief and creeping violence is rendered beautifully by Haneke, whose imagery and long-takes elevate the glorious moments and inject tremendous cruelty into the more agonizing bits. The best performances from child actors I can recall seeing in any movie. Often it is very difficult to sit through, but it is a fascinating study of a nation and a national identity on the brink of utter collapse. An interesting companion piece to that other recent film about Germany. Maybe you’ve heard of it? White Ribbon is a truly stunning film–one I cannot recommend highly enough. See it when it hits our shores this December.

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