Trippin Off the Beat Kinda, Drippin Off the Meat Grinder

I love it when I discover remixes of old favorites. Even when they’re bad, it’s always fascinating to hear a reinterpretation of something I know and enjoy.

It’s a bonus when the remix is not just good, but reinvents the song.


Such is the case with Four Tet’s collection of Madvillain remixes. An EP released in 2005, I only recently discovered this 5 song collection. Of particular note are “Accordian” and “Money Folder.” “Accordion” switches the original accordion-laced beat for a glitchy electric piano bump that is simultaneously propulsive and mellow. A definite late night burner on par with Little Brother’s “Nighttime Maneuvers” and any number of Tribe Called Quest songs.

And “Money Folder.” Damn. I was sort of shocked the first time I heard this remix. It’s so radically different from the original that it takes a few listens to dig its way into your brain. But once you let it rock, the chaos (which at times overwhelms the vocals) is too catchy to say no too. It bumps maniacally with a snaky electric pulse that sounds like it would be more at home on Vaudeville Villain than Madvillainy. Pure joyous insanity.

(not sure about the “interpretive” video, but the track is worth throwing on in the background)

Download after the break.


NOTE: I’m providing the download because the collection of remixes is extremely hard to find and it’s well worth listening to.

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