Chromatose Closing Photos and Review

Nudashank Gallery’s most recent group show aptly entitled Chromotose, was a juried exhibition from a selection of 96 submissions by juror Erik Parker. The result was a diverse collection of works that were unified by their vivid approach to color. Alternatively, the space was curated in such a fashion that the presentation was very far from overwhelming, and allowed each of the pieces plenty of space for their own, unperturbed viewing.

The highlights of the show were Andrew Kaufman’s immaculately rendered vitrine paintings and Tatianna Berg’s mountainous oil paint abstractions. These two bodies of work, perfectly embodied the range of physical and conceptual methods of dealing with color that were included in the show.

The participating artists were:

John Bohl (Baltimore, MD)
Edward Max Fendley (Washington, DC)
Tatiana Berg (Providence, RI)
John Slaby (Philadelphia, PA)
Herb Rieth (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Heather Brammeier (Peoria, IL)
Ryan Browning (Mt. Airy, MD)
David Ross (Westminster, MD)
Darren McManus (Lambertville, NJ)
Andrew Kaufman (Brooklyn, IA)
D’Metrius Rice (Baltimore, MD)
Nicholas Moenich (NYC)
Bill Dunlap (Cumberland, MD)
Stuart Lorimer (Scotland)
Ted Gahl (Providence, RI)
David Staniunas (Columbus, OH)
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3 Responses to Chromatose Closing Photos and Review

  1. Tatiana Berg says:

    Awesome post! Awesome show! Then again, I am a little biased…

  2. Gaia says:

    tatiana your shit was super dope!

  3. Andrew says:

    yesssssss love it.

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