Rap Rock, Done Right Pt. II

This post should probably be accompanied by a giant question mark. I don’t know why this appears to be the year of rappers deciding to become rockstars. Maybe it’s Wayne’s fault.

I will never get tired of pictures of Lil Wayne holding a guitar. Ever.

I will never get tired of pictures of Lil Wayne holding a guitar. Ever.

But you know what, I doubt Onyx really gives a fuck about Lil Wayne.

I cannot tell a lie: some of the beats in the above trailer sound really dope and Onyx has always been one of my favorite groups (Bacdafucup bumps from front to back and the sorely overlooked All We Got Iz Us is one of Hip Hop’s most fascinating studiess of nihilism). I’m not so sure about “Optimus,” but as long as the beats stay fresh and distant from rock-rap cliches, I have full faith the slam boys will bring the fury and dope lyrics to make The Black Rock album a banger.

And now, a possibly unfortunate coincidence that could result in Onyx sending pipe bombs to the residences of the members of the Black Keys. The aforementioned indie band is teaming up with a list of indie rap juggernauts (and Jim Jones) to bring us the BlakRoc project.

Boys, you might want to change the name. Sticky Fingaz doesn’t really mess around.

All this talk of black rock and rappers working with bands makes me hungry for some M.O.P. Lest we forget 2004’s Mash Out Posse. This album does sadly suffer from some of rap-rock’s cliche chunky guitars and metal influence, but accompanied by the shouted threats of Danze and Fizzy Womack it usually works (although remaking “Ante Up” was just a bad idea). At very least it’s good music to lift weights or start a riot to.

Lastly, I realized that in my previous post about Rap and Rock I omitted possibly the most fascinating and important song in the history of cross-genre collaborations. If you thought I was going to say “Walk This Way,” well, that’s a personal problem.

I’ve seen this performed live. It’s stunning.

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