New Work on the Streets and Process

Haven’t just straight up bombed posters in a while. As of late i ve been trying to make each piece different using only the printed portrait as the static basis and the body painted for flexibility.

But its always nice to get back to putting up some prints on the street.  So here is an overview of both strategies of putting up street work that I have pursued over the past couple of days. Will have more photos tomorrow of other electric boxes..

These people sitting by the Deny Me Three Times piece were raving about it and beseeching me to explain the reference. I told them the parable. It was wonderful

The Cow heads are screenprinted onto newsprint divided into two screens and then pasted in two parts. The acetates are the enlarged block prints that have been blown up using photoshop and Kinkos. Here are photos from the day of printing the rooster heads.

Alternatively, the Deny Me Three Times piece is all handpainted except for the block printed portrait. The piece is made of long three foot sheets of newsprint that is then reassembled once on the street. Usually takes about twenty minutes to put up rather than the quick prints. Here is a photo of the process and the piece painted differently in chinatown

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