24 Hour Challenge Volume 1: The Set Up

You Must Learn is proud to present our newest series, 24 Hour Challenge.

Nick likes music. I make beats. One day I had an idea: Nick (and our various esteemed colleagues and friends) will pick 3-6 random songs for me to morph into a single, cohesive composition. I will have 24 hours to throw them in the pot and make magic. I might know the songs, I might not. Sometimes the beat will be dope, others it will be an unmitigated disaster. Hopefully, you’ll always be entertained. Eventually, we’d like you, the readers, to suggest songs for me to use. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears. Write what you want to hear in the comments section of The Set Up each week, (if you do not have a wordpress account, you can twitter us or email.) The first 6 get used. Enjoy this installment of 24 Hour Challenge and tune in tomorrow for the finished product.

24 Hour Challenge Vol. 1 Featuring:

“Cowboys From Hell” – Pantera


“Little Bitty Pretty One” – Frankie Lyman


“The Clapping Song” – Shirley Ellis


“Rain and Tears” – Demis Roussos


“Dope Boy Fresh (Acapella)” – 3 6 Mafia



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