New Work and Process

Recently, I put up a new piece in Chinatown along the bike route that I ride every day on my way to the Williamsburg Bridge. The piece is derived literally and directly from the story of St Peter’s three denials of Jesus by the crow of the rooster. Recently, I have been endeavoring to explore Christian narratives in a faith that it will lead me to more insight as to how Catholic values shape our society invisibly. The next piece is an exploration of the Massacre of the Innocents, where every new born child was slaughtered uner the decree of King Herad in an effort to kill the messiah, the lamb of god. While I am not currently subscribed to any particular religion, religion as a source of contemporary morals and value systems is undeniable and ripe with potential personal discoveries. Here are photos of the linoleum block that I am carving and some process shots.

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