“The Simpsons Did it!”


So I just came across a product that made me projectile vomit out of a mix of rage and disgust… If you are a true Simpsons fan, you would know that the Attitude Chair, above, is a precise rip off of the chair Homer invented in season 10, episode 2. Whether or not NYC designer, Deger Cengiz is aware of what he has done, he is still a shit head in my eyes. I hope every chair gets recalled for defective parts… Profiting off of something Homer Simpson created… Unforgivable. 


See where the product idea was stolen here.


(I hope that asshole falls and breaks his hands so he can never design anything ever again.)

By the way… Doesn’t this whole situation remind you of a South Park episode…

(Via Swiss-Miss)


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One Response to “The Simpsons Did it!”

  1. Eric Hanson says:

    I need one of these. But since my children don’t let me watch the Simpsons I didn’t know of its availability.

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