Saul Bass


So I know I am about three seasons late on this, but recently I caught an episode of AMC’s hit show, Mad Men… Pretty cool program and all, but rather than posting about the show itself, I am here to discuss the stylistic opening credit sequence. Pretty cool, right? Well, It immediately reminded me of a mix between two opening sequences by graphic designer and filmmaker, Saul Bass. Check out the titles for Casino and Anatomy of a Murder. Interesting, no? There is no denying that the makers of Mad Men were heavily influenced by the late Bass. This brought me to the realization that a good chunk of films today are also very inspired by Bass. Catch me if you Can, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Casino Royale, are only a couple of the vast amount of films that seem to bare a blatent resemblance to his style. 

Bass started out as a graphic designer, primarily sticking to logos (created the identity for AT&T and United Airlines) and posters (Vertigo, Bird Man of Alkatraz, Bunny Lake is Missung, etc.) however as his career started to blossom, he decided to take his expertise in another direction… Film. Bass’ most notable work has been with directors Otto Preminger, Martin Scorsese, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Check out all of his work here.

EXTRA NOTE: Recently, I stumbled upon a couple of very clever unofficial title sequences which are an homage of sorts. 


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