Rap Rock, Done Right.

You didn’t think all this talk of bad rap rock beats and Mos Def was for no reason, did you? In writing my last few posts I’ve been reminded how great rap and rock can be when properly combined. A few of my personal favorites to liven up your evening. Someday I’ll probably write a book on the ups and downs of rap rock hybrids, but by the time I get around to it books won’t exist and only Mike Shinoda and I will care.

Wayne will not be featured in my rap-rock book, tentatively titled White and Angry: One Part Heavy Metal, One Part Rap, All Delicious

Wayne will not be featured in my rap-rock book, tentatively titled White and Angry: One Part Heavy Metal, One Part Rap, All Delicious

Outkast has long been one of my favorite groups and they’ve never been shy about their adventurous forays into different genres. Featuring scorching guitar work throughout, “Chonkyfire” infuses an already epic beat with the sort of stadium filling energy that only the best rock can. It’s also notable that this is the progenitor to the equally spectacular “Gasoline Dreams,” a track off Stankonia puts the rock front and center.

A few more after the break…

While Cage dipped his foot entirely out of rap and into rock on his recent LP Depart From Me with mixed results, the raw guitars provided by producer El-P on “Good Morning” represent the perfect balance between Hip Hop aesthetics and rock n’ roll influence.

Whenever I happen to find myself in a gym, this song invariably gets played. While it certainly would never be confused with a rock song, “Fight Music” artfully uses guitar to organically increase the song’s intensity.

The title of Styles of Beyond’s second album–Megadef–should give you a sense of their influences. Sure enough songs like “Superstars” and “Be Your Dog” supply grimy guitar samples over pumping beats.

What are some of your favorites (or least favorites)?.

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3 Responses to Rap Rock, Done Right.

  1. KFunk says:

    I’ve thought the same thing for a while about that and nice to see the Massive Attack if you get a second the Knux kind of have that flare to them:


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  3. Raoul Mendez says:

    Hip hop is my life, man.

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