NetDiver’s Open Letter to a New Designer

Some time ago while pondering my own future in the world of Design I came across an article referred by an old acquaintance by the name of Greg Passuntino. Greg and I attended middle school together but these days he’s heavy in the Web Design game as part of the NoFavorite collective. Had it not been for that mere thread of connectivity I wouldn’t have found this article on NetDiver that would ultimately change my outlook on design and the significance of  “who you are rather than in addition to what you know”…

The article written, by NetDiver’s Carole Guevin, takes on the form of an open letter to “a NEW designer” or someone entering the field for the first time. Offering advice on how to use what you know and the natural talent that you possess in order be the best designer that you can be. Preaching the significance of humility, communication, and fine tuning I feel this “open letter” pertaining to design is applicable to just about any job that someone may take on.

Picture 11Click on the thumbnail above for the full NetDiver editorial piece


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