When They Thought Pink Polo’s Would Hurt the Roc…

I don't want it unless it's brand new.

I don't want it unless it's brand new.

No words for this really. Freshjive says what a lot of us have been thinking. Not sure why it took so long for this to come into existence–perhaps the Kanye backlash is final reaching a boiling point.

I’m holding out judgment on Kanye until after Blueprint 3 comes out. He’s been rumored to be producing the majority of it. If his production and rapping on “Run This Town” are any indicator of what to expect, I’m certainly excited. Say what you will about his public persona–it’s been grating and borderline infuriating his entire career–the man still delivers cutting edge production and entertaining rapping when he wants to. As long as he continues to make good music, he can say whatever he wants. Just keep giving me classics, please. We could go much deeper into the moral implications of a figure like Kanye mouthing off too often, but my point is that celebrities have done and said things far worse than anything in the hubristic history of Mr. West. He deserves somewhat of a pass if he keeps bringing dopeness.

Spotted over at The Smoking Section and available here.

A little bonus after the break…

BONUS: A favorite from before Kanye jumped right off the deep end (I think the earliest version of this surfaced in spring of 2005, just before Kanye shared his thoughts on George Bush with the American people).

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One Response to When They Thought Pink Polo’s Would Hurt the Roc…

  1. he’s crazy, but largely ignorable; this is for the best.

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