MBW Does Madonna

I would like to take the chance to quote a casual interview that Imminent Disaster and I conducted with Joe Sturm over at the TimeOut Blog:

Where do you see street art in five to ten years? Especially with people seeing so much of Swoon and Banksy over the past few years?
Gaia: A lot of people hitting the streets on brief runs, waxing and waning. Hopefully we get a few more consistent people in New York.
Disaster: Might be different in the recession. Spending money on ads has always been a big-bucks game. Now companies want to cut costs.…

What do you mean, exactly? How do companies play in?
Disaster: Guerrilla marketing becoming more of a cost-effective, trendy way to continue marketing. Street art being the forerunner to eventual domination of the style and ideas by companies.
Gaia: I heard that while most companies cut ads, the best strategy is to keep on pressing those public campaigns
Disaster: Street art gets replaced by advertising is my prediction.
Gaia: I hope not. You mean by the work on the streets becoming even more watered down and washed up?
Disaster: Yeah.

I guess MBW deserves some props for capitalizing off of the opportunity, but his designing and then pasting up the album cover for Madonna’s new album is a scary scary situation. World renowned for his exceptionally banal and derivative imagery, MBW has set a new standard for his shameless work. Putting up advertisements for Madonna on the streets in spaces that have traditionally been occupied by illegal work is some of the biggest Bull Shit I have ever seen. Congratulations man, I’m sure this will do wonders for your career.

Photo credit and heads up via Unurth

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