Diederik Comte


Clothing designer and old friend Diederik Comte is thankfully back in action after a short hiatus. I am telling you now, this kid is gonna be the next big thing in fashion… Check out his dope new website here.

We have always been intrigued by the desire to venture out into world- to touch the untouched. We named our garments after people- past and present-who explored their world in different ways, hoping to channel that same energy. This collection has been many months in the making. We produce everything locally, working only with people who we personally know operate under good conditions, in fair and ethical form.


The two of us have been closely involved with every step of this process, paying extreme attention to quality and detail. Though our collection may be relatively small, each piece has been thought through to the core.


With our pieces, we wanted to draw inspiration from past traditions of mens’ wear, while looking to the conditions of the present and near future to dictate the level of practicality present in our garments.


While these pieces are rather modern, they are also meant to last and were designed with a classic sensibility.

– Diederik and Alisa


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