What if…

Our generation has seen the debate on marijuana go from the “D.A.R.E.” and “Just say NO” days to it being formally discussed as a possible “hash crop” cash crop for a few of our nation’s states; we’ve seen it targeted in major ad campaigns for a “drug free America”; we’ve seen it heralded as one of the best modern medicines and we’ve also seen it blamed for a rise in criminal activity abroad; we’ve seen presidents deny using it and we’ve also seen presidents enjoy it;  it’s been reviled and it’s also been praised. Frankly theres too much going on with the issue of Marijuana in the United States for me to relay in a blog post…so here’s something a little more fun. Over at Print James Gaddy did a little piece that both highlighted the aforementioned Marijuana discourse along with a little bonus. The good folks over at Print asked 4 design firms both here in the US and abroad to design packaging for Marijuana cigarettes…y’know if that ever goes down.

Check out the article over at Print

images via Top Culture


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