Print Mag Student Cover Competition

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Print magazine is having a competition for students to create a cover for an upcoming issue. I encourage all of you young artists and design prodigies to enter. Having your work on the cover of such a prestigious magazine would be quite the honor. Find out the guidelines and instructions here. GOOD LUCK!

OUR STUDENT COVER COMPETITION, started in 1964, is a unique opportunity for students to have their work featured in an award-winning design publication. This year, we’re asking designers to pick a global problem and create a cover design that shows how design might solve that problem, such as sustainability, human rights, or the future of food. Designers should also include a headline, a subhead, and three proposed cover lines for possible stories supporting their theme in their design. The covers will be judged on both the strength of the concept and the execution. All submissions must be mounted and in comprehensive, finished form, along with an entry form and a digital version on a disc. Please send to: Print’s Student Cover Competition, 38 East 29th St 3rd Fl, NYC 10016. No more than five (5) entries per school may be submitted. No entries will be returned. Winners will be published in our April 2010 issue.


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