A Dog Dressed in Clothes is Still a Dog

I’m by no means an expert on Psychedelia in music, but my journeys in sampling and allmusic.com have certainly given me a window into a genre that is cruelly ignored and cribbed from without credit.

This post is not meant to provide history–I’m not sure I’ve done enough research to qualify as an historian. I’m simply an enthusiast in love with the genre and one of its best modern purveyors, the Short Wave Set. A London band with 2 albums to their credit, the Short Wave Set’s music possesses all the qualities that make Psychedelia intriguing: cryptic lyrics offset by ethereal, often heavenly melodies, all wrapped together by good, old-fashioned rock n’ roll sensibility. 

All this, of course is summed up best by the Set themselves in their song “I Know”: “we make our music, always off key/ it’s twisted and it’s wrong, some kind of junk symphony.” Intoxicating indeed, their second album Replica Sun Machine is the perfect soundtrack to a rainy summer or twilight in general. Check out one of their videos for the single “No Social” below.


Also, as a little bonus for those interested in some of the forgotten forebears of Psychedelia, check out “Itchycoo Park” by Small Faces (a song used to pretty cool effect in the opening sequence of recent film Severance). Another of my favorites.

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