Lauri Faggioni

I just wrapped on a music video shoot with the brilliant director, set designer, and choreographer, Lauri Faggioni. The video for Conner Oberst’s newly formed group, Monsters of Folk is very clever and extremely refreshing. I am not going to give anything away, but expect to see something very interesting. As she put it, “the video is a re-interpretation of the Power of Ten short film from the 60’s.” Lauri Faggioni may be an unfamiliar name, but there is no doubt you have seen her work at some point.

Her working relationship with director, Michel Gondry started when he walked by her L.E.S. store front and spotted a very unusual and intriguing stuffed bird… The bird, along with many other fascinating creatures were later used in his upcoming film, Science of Sleep. Since then, Faggioni has been working closely with him as production designer, helping Gondry’s films have that very signature feeling to them. (Their collaboration on Walkie Talkie Man, the $350,000 debut video by Steriogram, is unquestionably one of the greatest music videos I have ever seen.) Anyways… Keep your eyes peeled for this insanely talented young woman. It was an honor to spend a 15-hour day with her.


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