A Counter Video of the Year

I’ve known about Pill’s “Trap Goin Ham” for a few months now, but I figured it was timely to post this, considering it was just given the NY Times write-up treatment.

The closest parallel I can think of visually is Juvenile’s “Ha.” I can’t say that I’m crazy about the song and the video doesn’t exactly seem the work of a visual wizard, but there’s a raw and honest energy to the whole thing by which I’m consistently fascinated. A word to the sensitive: for those who considered Slumdog Millionaire poverty porn,” Pill’s video is sure to enrage. It’s borderline exploitative, but that’s probably why it’s so intriguing. In an age of carefully plotted tours, videos, and careers (see: Drake), “Trap Goin Ham” is vibrant and dangerously essential–even if it may have been carefully planned (which I doubt).

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