Best Music Video’s Of The Year (Thus Far)


Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks”

Not quite sure what it is about this video that gets me every time. It is blatently slow, tremendously simple and very repetitive, yet I can watch it over and over again. Maybe it helps that “Two Weeks” is one of my favorite songs of the summer. When you have the chance, make sure to check out more videos by director, Peter Daughters. Made a great one for Kings of Leon.



We Have Band – “You Came Out”

Watch the “making of” this video when you have a spare moment. It took nearly 5,000 still photos to create this piece. Not quite sure why so much time and effort went into a music video for an unknown, and in my opinion, really shitty band. Maybe it is because nobody else had the patience to sit through a grueling 48 hour shoot. Regardless of how I feel about the song, the video will remain one of the most unique ideas I have seen in years.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Heads Will Roll”

“Heads Will Roll” is my favorite song off of “It’s Blitz,” what could be one of my favorite albums of the year. I love the energy of this video. Then again, I think Karen O could shoot a single shot video in a closed off space and still entertain me with her vivaciousness. Richard Ayoade is a very talented director whose resumee only consists of two other videos by Vampire Weekend. Check those out when you have a minute.


Make the Girl Dance – “Baby, Baby, Baby”

Make the Girl Dance is a fairly new electronic duo from France. This is their very first video, and boy did they do it right. Love the song and concept for the video. Only in France could you get away with something like this… Notice how barely anyone shot a second glance. (Except for that one dude who took a picture, but he was probably a tourist.) I really wish my 7 years of French could help me out with the translation of the song… Anyone know what they are saying?


School of Seven Bells – “My Cabal”

David Mullet proves that you don’t need costly, elaborate sets to make an interesting music video. One room, a dozen cameras, and a good amount of talent will suffice. Not very familiar with the band, but I’ll be on the look out for them now.


Professor Green – “Upper Clapton Dance”

I apologize for not having any rap up in the mix, but sadly, their haven’t been any videos that have really blown me away. Being a huge hip-hop fan, this really saddens me. But, Professor Green… Wow. This video is about as gangster as you can possibly get as a white dude. Maybe if I stopped wearing my retainer and got a neck tat I could be as hood as this former Streets M.C. Upper Clapton is clearly the new Brownsville.


The Department of Eagles – “No One Does it Like You”

Does that voice sound familiar? It should. The Department of Eagles is made up of NYU graduates Fred Nicolaus, and Grizzly Bear’s frontman/guitarist, Daniel Rossen. The sound correlates beautiful with the imagery. So eerie, yet beautiful. Two Daughter’s videos in one Top 10 list. That’s something special.


Sliimy – “Wake up”

Wow, that chick is really cute! (Just found out I was drooling over a dude.) I am pretty sure Sliimy is signed to Perez Hilton’s newly announced label, but I can’t be quoted on that– I refuse to look up that information because it would pain me to know I dig anything even closely related to him. Anyway, really cool video. I love Play-Doh.

And there you have it… It’s a damn shame my two favorite music video directors couldn’t have contributed to this years list. Spike Jonze has an excuse with Where the Wild Things Are, but I can’t let Michel Gondry slide.


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