The Process

As an artist there is nothing more fulfilling than a finished piece; all of your hard work, preparation, and time has all come to fruition. Although finished product is what it’s all about some get a greater thrill from the process itself. When creating, that liminal period in between brainstorming and presenting a finished body of work can sometimes be the best thing to an artist. It is during this period that your initial ideas can take shape, be perfected, or take on another entire manifestation. Why so much emphasis on the process you may ask? Well the other day I stumbled on this site, Sketch Theatre. Sketch Theatre provides a platform for artists or anyone for that matter to take a look at the how a piece is created from beginning to end. With detailed  video from a well of talented individuals you’re sure to be inspired. More can be found here.


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I blog, stare, analyze and surprise.
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